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Staff Directory

Please visit the District Staff Directory for additional information. 

Staff Directory


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Kristi Anderson

Titles: Resource Teacher
Departments: Exceptional Learners

Elaine Awoyinda

Titles: Mental Health Counselor
Departments: Counseling Services

Bonnie Barriento

Titles: Secretary
Departments: Office Staff

Dorothy Benz-Buchanan

Titles: STEM/SEL Instructional Assistant
Departments: Teaching and Learning

Trice Black

Titles: Assistant Principal
Departments: Administration

Paula Bledsoe

Titles: Head Custodian
Departments: Custodial Services

Avery Brown

Titles: Speech Teacher
Departments: Teaching and Learning

Jessica Bryant

Titles: FIATS Instructional Assistant
Departments: Exceptional Learners

Macy Bussberg

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Kindergarten

Jill Carroll

Titles: PE Teacher
Departments: P.E., Health and Nutrition