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Daily School Procedures

The school day begins at 7:40am -and ends at 2:10pm. The front office is open from 7:00am until 2:40pm during the school year. 

You can reach the DCE front office by dialing (317) 594-4840.

Late Arrivals, Leaving Early

If your child will be late to school you are asked to call the school office by 8:30 am. The phone number is 317-594-4840.   If your child is leaving early, please call the front office. We will call the student to the office when you arrive. You will need to bring your driver's license to sign your student out.

Reporting Absences

If your child will be absent you are asked to call the school office by 8:30 am. The phone number is 317-594-4840. Voicemail is available 24 hours to leave messages. Absences can also be noted in School Dismissal Manager.

Forgotten Items

If a student forgets an item at home and a parent needs to drop off that item after school has begun, that item may be dropped off in the front vestibule Please use the provided post-it notes to write your student's first and last names along with their teacher's name, and we will deliver it to the student.

Change Your Drop Off and Pick Up Plans

School Dismissal Manager is used for all daily dismissal changes including leaving early, appointments, absences, and changing dismissal type.

From within the portal, parents can schedule recurring exceptions such as carpool on Wednesday only, or YMCA every day, etc. Any changes need to be made by 1pm

Volunteering at DCE

Please review the SafeVisitor information to learn more about the process and begin the steps for your background check.

Visitors/volunteers/chaperones MUST have a Safevisitor background check on file with Hamilton Southeastern Schools to be allowed to volunteer or chaperone in the building or for events.

Who Can Pick Up My Student(s)

If a student needs to leave early for any reason, only family and individuals listed on a student's approved Skyward list can pick up the student.

Under the "Family and Emergency Contact" tab in Skyward, list your approved people to pick up your student. Approved individuals must show a valid Driver's License.